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Before Photos

pressure washing orlando grey house before cleaning

Job Details

Location of Job: Orlando
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Home Exterior Power Washing
Brief Explanation

We have recently done a pressure washing job in Orlando Florida. As you can see, when we arrived, the siding and rock wall was covered with mold and debri. The frequent rains in Orlando cause these types of problems on residential homes.

The homeowner called us and when we went to give them a quote, they showed us a few other walls of their home that looked like this.

The walls consisted of two types of material. The upper half was vinyl siding, and the lower half was made of rock.

We used our professional equipment and wash in order to leave the home looking fresh, as you see in the "after" picture. The customer was very impressed with the job we did and they were excited to see their home clean again!

After Photos

siding pressure washing orlando florida
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Orlando, FL
Client Testimonial
Great job guys, truly professional ~ Tom Kimsey - Orlando

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