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Location of Job: Orlando
When: Oct 21, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Pool Screen Enclosure Cleaning
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Brief Explanation

Now that the summer rains have passed for the most part, it's time to get your pool enclosure cleaned! Take it from our customers, we leave each job clean and pristine! If you need your pool enclosure cleaned in Orlando, call us at (321) 775-9805.

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Our customers called because their pool screens and deck needed to be pressure cleaned. The screens and frame were covered in black mold from this summer's rains. Pool enclosure cleaning is one of our specialties. We know that maintaining a pool can be difficult, so many pool owners get screen enclosures to keep their pool free of debri. If you have a pool enclosure, be sure to clean it at least once or twice a year in order to ensure it's lifetime.

******UPDATE JULY 21, 2017******
The homeowner was so happy with the work we did on her pool enclosure, she called us back to pressure wash her whole house! The yellow house pictured to the left is after we cleaned her home. The home has beautiful yellow siding that needed pressure washing. Light colored siding often shows grime and mildew more than dark siding.

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Pool Screen Enclosure Home


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Lisa Harrell

Orlando, FL

Date: Jul 18, 2017
Extremely prompt and professional, reasonable prices. Would highly recommend.

"Prompt And Professional"

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Great job guys, truly professional ~ Tom Kimsey - Orlando