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pool deck cleaning orlando flpool deck cleaning mt dorascreen enclosure algae cleaningpool screen enclosure power washscreen enclosure cleaning mt doracleaning pool screen enclosure mt dora

Job Details

Location of Job: Mt. Dora
When: Jun 2, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Algae, Dirt And Mold Removal From Pool Deck And Screen Enclosure
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Brief Explanation

This customer hired us to remove years of algae and mold from his pool screens and deck. (For more information about pressure washing decks in Orlando

The previous owner really let the pool screens go and they were due for a good cleaning.

Lichen was growing all along the top of the enclosure and was a real eye sore. Lichens are slow growing, so it was obvious they hadn't cleaned for a long time. For more information on how to keep your pool enclosure clean, see below!

After working for about 3 hours, we brought the enclosure and deck back to almost new condition.

The Ross's were very pleased and would recommend us to neighbors. For more information about screen enclosure cleaning, click here!

After Photos

pool deck cleaning orlando
pool deck cleaning results
cleaning pool screen enclosure
cleaning pool screen enclosure mt dora
screen enclosure cleaning mt dora
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Client Testimonial
Great job guys, truly professional ~ Tom Kimsey - Orlando

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Caring For Dirty Pool Screen Enclosures

As we mentioned before, this screen enclosure had lichens and mold and algae growing on it. It hadn’t been clean for such a long period of time, the screen had a lot of grime. Only professional power washing services could have gotten it looking like new again!

How To Keep Your Pool Screen Enclosure Clean

Maintenance Will Prevent Dirtiness

Your screen enclosure keeps your pool deck clear of debris, leaves, dirt, and even bird poop! But screen enclosure maintenance and cleaning is absolutely necessary to keeping your whole backyard looking good.

If your screen enclosure is around a lot of trees, you’ll need to keep the leaves that have fallen under control. Leaves piled up on your screen cage, not only look bad, but can also damage the screen and lower it’s effectiveness. You can prevent staining and damage by blowing the leaves off often.

Also, pest control will keep bees, wasps, and other critters from making your screen enclosure their home. If you don’t want nests on your screen, get a good pest control service!