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Job Details

Location of Job: Lady Lake
When: Jul 7, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Home Exterior Pressure Wash
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Brief Explanation

This is a job we did near Orlando Florida. We went to Lady Lake and serviced one of our customer's homes. Our customer called and said that she needed her father's home exterior washed. He's an elderly man and is unable to do it himself.

As you can see in the photos, this home was very dirty. It had been many years since it had been cleaned, so we worked hard to leave it as clean as possible.

This home had vinyl siding and brick on the exterior. The brick is light colored and it really showed the dirt from the past years. The vinyl siding also was in desperate need of a cleaning.

This job took a total of about 3 hours to complete. Our customer was very happy with the results!

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Client Testimonial
Great job guys, truly professional ~ Tom Kimsey - Orlando

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Brick Pressure Washing Details

As you can see, this home had some brick on the lower exterior. With the passing of time the brick was covered with dirt and red clay wash up. Every time it rains, it makes the dirt splash up and stain the brick.

Light and Dark Shades of Brick

How Often Should You Pressure Wash Brick?

Light colored brick must be maintained regularly in order to avoid major staining. Darker shades of brick help disguise dirt and mud stains, so those types of walls don’t need to be cleaned as often.

You should pressure wash your home once every 6 months. With lighter brick, it is recommended that you do a light cleaning more often in order to keep it looking pristine.