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Location of Job: Deltona
When: Aug 19, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Fence Cleaning
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Brief Explanation

Our customers just moved into their beautiful new home but, some areas needed attention.

This is one of two posts we will be doing about the job we did at their home. The other job we post will be a pool enclosure cleaning.

On this post we want to feature the fence we cleaned! The family was excited about moving into their new home, and they wanted everything to look fresh and clean.

As pictured, you can see how it needed a thorough cleaning. This fence was a total of 216 feet long. White fences are aesthetically attractive, but do require maintenance every now and then. Vinyl is an easy-to-clean material. See how incredible it looks now that it's all clean!

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Client Testimonial
Great job guys, truly professional ~ Tom Kimsey - Orlando

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